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Hunters put the squeeze on 80 snakes in Florida's Python Bowl - (CNN)Once again, we have a winner in the annual contest of your dreams -- your very, very bad dreams, that is. More than 750 people from 20 states turned up for Florida's 2020 Python Bowl, catching 80 ...

Florida Python Bowl: 80 Burmese Pythons Captured By Over 750 Participants - At least 80 Burmese pythons were captured during the annual Florida Python Bowl held recently. The event attracted more than 750 hunters from across 20 states, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation ...

80 reptiles caught in Miami Super Bowl Burmese python hunt - Pro grand prize winner Tom Rahill won $2,000 for bagging a 62-pound python. Several other cash prizes were also awarded. The game's organizing committee worked with Florida to promote the Python Bowl.